Places to Visit in Nebraska

fremont nebraska

Nebraska State is a state of interesting natural interactions. The state is known for its inviting cities with Lincoln and Omaha being the main population centers. When visits Nebraska, he or she needs not to get worried since the state offers great attraction places that one can never avoid to visit. A visit to this state should be the most incredible experience. The following are places to visit in Nebraska.

Old Market in Omaha

old market omaha

The market offers a great spot for one to shop at with an awesome glimpse of how the old Omaha was in the old days. With cobblestone streets and the renovated buildings, one is able to have an epic experience of the history of Omaha. The old market is just a walking distance from other Omaha tourist attraction centers like Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge and Durham Museum.

Scotts Bluff National Monument

The monument can be seen from the Nebraska prairies and it serves as a landmark of the great travelers in the 19th century and the Native Americans who inhabited the area. It has hiking trails which are epic and one can never afford to miss visiting this place while in Nebraska.

Indian Cave State Park

indian cave state

The place has very beautiful petroglyphs which show the nature scenes. Located next to the banks of River Missouri, it offers a popular destination for those who need to camp and even the hiking trails.

Other Places that One Can Visit

While visiting Nebraska, one should also consider visiting these places;

Carhenge which is located three miles North of Alliance on the Highway 87

Haymarket District which is located in Lincoln which has historical restored buildings which offers fun to anyone who visits the place.

One should never have the feeling of getting bored while on visit to Nebraska. With the above beautiful destinations, one can be rest assured that a visit to Nebraska is one of the most amazing ones.