Things to Do in Nebraska


The top tourist attractions in Nebraska will definitely define your core activities when you visit Nebraska. The Nebraska landscape provides a gorgeous attractions all the way from the Chimney Rock to the beautiful scenery of the Sandhills. I have identified various things to do in Nebraska for both local and international tourists. During your next visit you should consider visiting any of the outlined places depending on your interest and size of your clam.

Visiting the Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

henry doorly zoo

The Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha it’s an exception to all other Zoos in the state. It’s characterized by its’ unique feature being the home of world largest indoor jungle, largest indoor desert and the largest nocturnal exhibitions with opportunities to touch stingrays as they swim by or ride a camel.

Visiting the Old Market

Visit the old market in Omaha and have a glimpse experience of Omaha would have looked like in those early days. The cable stone street and old renovated buildings of the early 19th century gives the area a quaint and historical feel. You won’t miss to enjoy your cool dinner from this old establishments and colourful gallery shopping.

The Strategic Air and Space Museum

strategic air space museum

The Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland gives an appealing impression to aircraft and aviation technology lovers. The museum covers an area of 300,000 square feet showcasing all kind of spacecraft, aircraft and special exhibits that change on a regular basis. You can also enjoy motion rides hence the feeling of being in a helicopter and riding roller coaster.

Visiting the Chimney Rock National Historic Site

Visiting the Chimney Rock National Historic Site will also be among the favourite activities in Nebraska. The rock formation rises 480 feet above the surrounding countryside. Visitors must have a clinch of what it felt live for the pioneers which was their landmark when during the great western migration. You will also enjoy learning the geology of the formation and the history of the Overland Trail.